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rsync to an exFAT partition in Linux

I do most of my work on Linux machines, but I have a Mac at home, I love the build quality and the fact that, after all, it is still *nix.

Yesterday I tried to copy a large file (8.8GB) to my flash drive, but as it was FAT32 formatted, it failed because of the file size cap (4GB) on such partitions. So I rsync’d the contents of the flash drive to a temp dir on my Linux machine and partitioned the flash drive as exFAT (it is native from OSX Snow Leopard and later, and if it is not already on your Linux box, try installing the exfat-fuse and exfat-utils packages on a recent Debian based Distro).

The problem is when I tried to rsync the contents of the temp directory back to the flash drive, I got a lot of errors such as:

rsync: chgrp "util/iphone/absinthe-mac-0.4.zip" failed: Function not implemented (38)

I googled for answers, found some, but nothing that would solve my problem, until some pages deep, after looking inside a lot of posts on a page I found the solution.

It happens that I automatically use rsync as follows:

rsync -av [SRC] [DESTINATION]

I always use the av switch, that states for:

v: increases verbosity, shows the files being synchronized
a: archive, replaces the rlptgoD switches (recurse dirs, preserve symlinks, preserve permissions, preserves modification times, preserve groups, preserve owner and preserve Device files).

The problem is that the Linux exFAT does not cope well with the switches that relate to permissions (the pgo), so the solution is to run rsync with the following switches, removing the p, g and o:

rsync -rltDv [SRC] [DESTINATION]

Of course, rembering the switch is much easier than remembering rltD, but a quick rsync –help will help you remind that.

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